Gossiping is judging. [Photo: rd.com]

Judgments Separate Us • Be Compassionate

People always say how really, awfully hard it is to let go of judgment. I get it. So how’s about we stipulate that it’s hard, bake it in, and be about the business of cultivating what’s beyond the judgment — and how good it is for our mental health that we do so.

I like to think of letting go of judgment as breaking a habit like procrastinating or even an addiction like drinking or working. Ultimately, it’s all the same thing and basically revolves around intention and attention. What am I intending to achieve by letting go of judgment…


Take Responsibility • Beliefs Matter

Reverse click-bait? Is that a thing? My apologies, but to be clear, I wasn’t screwed over in these cases. By any standard of moral decency I was fucked over so hard that, though I am attempting to temper my language, I must be unambiguous. Alright.

The first royal fuck-over is what had me launching my business from the bottom of a deep, dark ditch of financial ruin and emotional upheaval instead of from a reasonably comfortable perch. The second all but blocked me from being able to promote my work at all. …

No, really, I AM doing something. I’m getting super clear about what I want. [Photo: theindifference.com]

Intentions Matter • Listen to Inspiration

Consider that, for all intents and purposes, Spiritual Workout is a vehicle for practicing living more consciously, for cultivating new paradigms, for trading old consciousness for new consciousness, for moving from operating from our heads to operating from our hearts, from 3-D to 5-D, from force to power. Unwitting artists and entrepreneurs can be forgiven for feeling a bit daunted by adding all of this to their already-stressful existences. They may not come, specifically, to learn how to be new-paradigm artists and entrepreneurs, but if they stick around long enough, it’s pretty much what happens.

Of course the whole point…

Where I Am vs. Where I Want to Be (There’s a remedy for that.) [Photo: scienceabc.com]

Take Responsibility • Everything Is Energy • We Are All Connected • Beliefs Matter • Listen to Inspiration • Be Present • We Are Here for a Reason • The Law of Attraction Is Always On • Intentions Matter

[Note: This piece is a lift from The Conscious Politics Sunday Newsletter, which I publish every week, linked below.]

It happened to me, too, people! I found my Self in what was a reasonably prolonged state of exhaustion about politics and my place in it. An unwanted and rather unusual circumstance, but there it was. It lasted about five days or so which, for me, is forever because it’s usually no more than a few minutes. In addition to feeling exhausted, I felt subdued. I actually felt more malaise-y than anything specific.

The only difference between me, a conscious politics…

Live-action screenshot from the Weekly Online E.F.T./”Tapping” Clinic referenced below. (We laugh, we cry.)

E.F.T./”Tapping” with Spiritual Workout

In this tapping session — with Delilah, Producer & Co-Host of Spiritual Workout Online and a regular Spiritual Workouter — we saw an excellent example of one of the practices within our tapping practice: follow where it leads.

When starting a tapping session, we will talk for a while in an effort to find a strong starting-off point. Often we nail it right off the bat and continue tapping on that particular subject or angle. Other times we are not so sure and we actually use the tapping to become more sure. We start in one place and it leads…


We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

The closest I get to defining or teaching any of the 15 concepts that make up the Spiritual Workout practice is here in The Spiritual Workout Handbook. That’s because these concepts are ancient and teachers of them are plentiful. What’s needed is more about how to apply the concepts we say we believe in to the nitty-gritty of everyday life, which is what we are all about.

That’s why if you ask me to explain why being present is the admonition it is or why beliefs matter or how the law of attraction works, I will direct you to seek…


Have an Attitude of Gratitude

I didn’t get it at first, not at all. And for sure, not getting it impeded my forward progress in life for the first 35 years or so. I wasn’t stupid, just a little unconscious. Uninformed. Beyond learning to say thank you whenever it was remotely warranted in polite society, I didn’t understand anything about gratitude, much less embracing the admonition to have an attitude of it, much less the ways in which having that attitude is, itself, a spiritual pursuit.

I can remember one time being particularly anti-gratitude. It was when I purchased my first house. I was living…

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Choices Abound

It’s hard to be an artist. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur. I know this because every artist and entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with has told me so. Repeatedly. I identify as entrepreneur, I identify as artist, and I know full well how hard it is. When I started down this path a few decades ago it was just called self-employed or, as most civilians put it, self-unemployed. Whatever.

The truth is, calling it hard and feeling how hard it is and commiserating about how hard it is with our peers has limited value. I love the three-times rule: bitch…

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Be Present • The Law of Attraction Is Always On

It’s like fingernails on the blackboard. I’m in conversation with or reading about or seeing or hearing political allies — people who want to see the same things happen politically that I want to see — going about their politics in ways I know for sure are, at best, from a conscious practice perspective, counterproductive. Almost always I am reacting to their reliance on notions of resistance, anger, and fighting to achieve what they’re (we’re) wanting.

To be sure, I understand fully where resistance, anger, and fighting come from because I used to live in that space, too. Zero judgment…


E.F.T./”Tapping” with Spiritual Workout

I took on a client in her seventies who had had a stroke and was subsequently diagnosed with a condition called aphasia. I am not a neurologist or an M.D of any kind. I am not a speech or physical therapist. Indeed, I know nothing about any of those things. I do, however, know about tapping; I know about human beings who are struggling with serious medical diagnoses and conditions; I have a lot of experience combining the two. That’s why I accepted an invitation/request to be a substitute practitioner, part of this person’s healing team, because a different practitioner…

Steven Morrison

Creator, Spiritual Workout

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