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When I move around in the world and meet new people, I introduce myself as a social entrepreneur — someone committed to changing the world through business. It so happens that my business, this business, Spiritual Workout, is in the health and wellness category. More specifically, it’s mental health and even more specifically, it’s living consciously as a spiritual being having a human experience — a frame I use but, you may notice, I did not make up.

My twin passions of human consciousness and entrepreneurship — merged together by design — have taken me on a wild, circuitous ride…

SO MUCH to think about.

Beliefs Matter

What else is out there? What should I do if what I want to do seems elusive?

For artists and entrepreneurs — a key Spiritual Workout constituency — the pursuit of Plan B boils down to a single, fundamental idea: beliefs. I’ll assume for the purposes of this conversation that you have a Plan A to start with: an idea, a mission, a goal, a dream, a hope — something. But the thing hasn’t yet manifested and so there is a void, a vacuum, abhorred by Nature itself! We know without a doubt, then, that the space will fill with…

A Brief Introduction

Spiritual Workout for politics and current events is an invitation to cultivate conscious politics. There are certainly many ways to define, interpret, and practice conscious politics and the jury is still out for me as to whether or not I am joining a conversation or starting one. (If you have any perspectives of this, bring ‘em.)

Many people in spiritual communities, quote unquote, draw lines of distinction between our spirituality and our politics, by which I mean they don’t ever want to see the two mixed. There’s nothing wrong with not being interested in politics, but I do believe there…

As strange as tapping looks is as effective as it is!

E.F.T./”Tapping” with Spiritual Workout

When people are ready to really dive into a tapping practice — often because they want to

. learn tapping and/or

. really want to make a change in their life

— I often “prescribe” a regimen of a certain amount of tapping for a certain amount of time every day. Everyone’s different and everyone’s responsible for their own experiences, of course. All I can ever do is offer guidance and suggestions from a wellspring of personal and professional experience and good intuition.

Tapping is all about moving energy and that can look different for different ones of us at…

Friendly Spiritual Workouters Doing Their Things Online and Off

The Law of Attraction Is Always On • Intentions Matter • Beliefs Matter

One thing that is disallowed in Spiritual Workout world is any talk, ever, about what we are “working on.” I’ve got to work on that. I’ve been working on that one for a while. That’s what I’m planning to work on next. Needless to say, “workout” is in the name of this practice. It implies — and rightly so — that an amount of effort is and will be required as we tend to the changes we want to make in our lives and the things we want to create. But if you ask me, that’s different from “working on…

Jordan Benton from Pexels

Is that so wrong?

I have actually been home-free for the last nine years, choosing to make the kinds of sacrifices that fellow entrepreneurs accept as normal and civilians tend to judge (often harshly, but I digress). Losing house and home and virtually everything else during the Great Recession, circa 2010, coincided with the introduction of my entrepreneurial project, Spiritual Workout, a personal growth practice. So instead of launching it from a lofty perch of a cushy, best-practices financial runway, I would do so instead from the bottom of a deep, dark ditch of financial ruin, homelessness, pennilessness, and emotional upheaval. Whatever.

The good…

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

When I was 10 there was a singing group (not a band) called The 5th Dimension and they topped the charts with a medley of two songs from the 1967 musical, “Hair.” The medley, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” heralded an impending new age, whatever that was, “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” That lyric and melody have stayed with me and I hear them now, as I did a zillion times back then — on my transistor radio, of course.

In my 30’s I became acquainted with all manner of thoughts and ideas that were rooted in this general…

I love anger. In my atypical Jewish family, it was somehow always acceptable to express anger and rage as and when it came up which, for me, was all the time. We were a yelling family with a mother who, in summer, would admonish us not to shut up but to close the windows.

As a young adult — first in college and then beyond — I could see that this freedom would not always put me in the best light. It was one thing to let loose in my family home with people I didn’t like and whose opinions…

Here’s a thought: If we, as Americans, more than 240 years into our founding as a country, truly want to live free (or die, as they say in New Hampshire), we must stop being angry or it will never happen. Ever.

Please consider, for this little chat, that everything is energy and that like energy attracts like energy. When we are angry and we stay angry and we go from fight to fight to fight because we (believe we) have to fight to get our way, to demand what’s right, to be heard and counted and seen, to be recognized…

It’s my strong belief that when it comes to leadership and, specifically, what I call conscious leadership, what leaders are really cultivating within themselves is confidence: authentic, from-the-heart, easy, natural, quiet confidence. And what I have experienced with most clients who have taken some steps into this process is that hesitation rears its unwelcome head. Invariably, people feel great discomfort embodying feelings of confidence (part of the process) because they believe they are being and will appear to others to be over-confident.

This is, quite clearly, not at all appealing — to them or anyone. Over-confidence as I often hear…

Steven Morrison

Creator, Spiritual Workout

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