• robert hayum

    robert hayum

  • Sarah Bruno

    Sarah Bruno

  • Cynthia Reynolds

    Cynthia Reynolds

    RSA Fellow | Technology Advisor | Lifelong Learner | Circular Economy | Circular Regions | Founder — SmartUse.Global

  • Karen Shackelford Keller

    Karen Shackelford Keller

  • Alice K

    Alice K

    Freelance writer/photographer located in Oregon, working on my blog, some collaborations, and videos for an upcoming Youtube channel!

  • Karen Jordan

    Karen Jordan

  • Savannah Shea Blake

    Savannah Shea Blake

    S.S.Blake; Confidence Coach, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and Founder of EarthandWater.co

  • Prashant kumar Gupta

    Prashant kumar Gupta

    Engineer at Rakuten | Write about Nature, World Politics, Geopolitical Issues & Culture of the world❤ ❤ ❤

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