Got Freedom? Not If You’re Angry

Here’s a thought: If we, as Americans, more than 240 years into our founding as a country, truly want to live free (or die, as they say in New Hampshire), we must stop being angry or it will never happen. Ever.

Please consider, for this little chat, that everything is energy and that like energy attracts like energy. When we are angry and we stay angry and we go from fight to fight to fight because we (believe we) have to fight to get our way, to demand what’s right, to be heard and counted and seen, to be recognized, acknowledged and understood (see #resist), we can’t ever really receive any of it because none of what we want resonates with the energy of anger. So when we actually make some progress that’s fueled by anger (and, often, the sheer force of will), the progress is often painful and rather incremental. And no sooner do we make some than we must get up the very next day and fight more for the next thing, which always materializes, as if on cue. Ever notice that? Like energy attracts like energy and ‘round and ‘round it goes. Worst of all, we believe this is the way things are but, really, it’s only the way things have been. Old consciousness, new consciousness.

“The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe, ” said H.L. Mencken and to which I say uh huh, yep, exactly. Walls are about wanting to be safe. The biggest baddest military in the world with the biggest baddest equipment is about wanting to be safe. Health insurance is about wanting to be safe. Guns are about wanting to be safe. Border fucking security is about wanting to be safe. Walls and armies and guns resonate with anger and anger does not resonate with safety or security, so we don’t even get safety much less freedom because anger-fueled anything can’t create freedom, ever.

So if you’re angry about things like walls and the military and security and you’re pissed off that there’s resistance to them and your arguments for them are about freedom, please think again. Because for all the tough talk about it the only question, fellow citizen, is are you prepared to do what’s required, here in America in 2019, to secure for your Self the freedom you say you so value? If so, you will do everything in your power to ensure the safety and security of every other fellow citizen. That would require acting from compassion instead of from fear. Are you ready for that? Compassion resonates with freedom. If I offer you compassion by endeavoring to understand you, hear you, and make you feel comfortable, I offer you freedom to be you. Room to breathe. Safety.

When we choose to fuel our endeavors with compassion instead of anger, we will create the freedom we truly desire. And ‘round and ‘round that will go.

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